Matters needing attention in use of Perforated Metal Mesh

Raw material Perforated Metal Mesh is a metal, used punching net, we want some of the methods used to pay attention to according to the properties of metals. Load metal limited, if more than the limit, will destroy the original product quality. Learn to use the punching network can guarantee the service life extension.

Punching net in unit area load is too large will be damaged or deformed, breaking the structure stability of the original, punching network itself has certain elasticity and softness, can bear a certain weight, but if the mass of the weight exceeds a limit value, then there is the inevitable result of punching net loss of elasticity and softness, punching network structure becomes unstable, easy to deformation, built-in metal must be part of the fracture phenomenon, so that it can no longer carrying heavy pressure.

Therefore, Perforated Metal Mesh material is on the bearing capacity of punching net, use is made of high quality materials are more durable, carrying heavy loads will be a stroke above, according to the actual situation to choose suitable for Perforated Metal

Perforated Metal Mesh keep the car exhaust pipe.


Here to explain the know-how to keep the car exhaust pipe unimpeded, for often drive people, car exhaust pipe smoothly or not is the important performance criterion is normal. In the process we driving, grasp some tips, can make the automobile exhaust pipe to maintain smooth state. Many automobile exhaust pipe will be installed with punching net, so as to prevent the entry of foreign matter.

First of all, don’t drag racing. Driving from the security perspective, this is a guarantee to drive the most basic way of his own and other people’s personal safety. Often times observed that, often play the automobile exhaust racing car than the normal speed of the tube more easily blocked, and in need of repair will become more frequent.

The second is the driving as far as possible not the bad road sections. Generally speaking, the automobile exhaust small car tube position is relatively low, when we are in the muddy road, roll up the mud and dust often got into the car exhaust pipe, caused by the exhaust of automobile exhaust pipe is not smooth. If the exhaust pipe installation punching net, punching net can prevent mud into. Punching net effect is strong, the reasonable use can play its function.Perforated Metal

Application of Perforated Metal Mesh in home furnishing life

 Perforated Metal Mesh network products are used more and more widely in the society, not only in industry, machinery has been widely used, and the perforated plate is coming into our life, in our daily life.

Perforated Metal Mesh product of metal plate played no small role in interior decoration, the indoor decorative ceiling, metal ceiling purely decorative, but also have the ceiling has good sound insulation effect, color can be according to the tenants like set. Application of punching plate in the kitchen, punching plate in the household appliances we, punching plate using hardware and kitchen appliances, sewer used punching net, punching equipment for the barbecue, design in our balcony, have joined the punching network elements. At present, the fine punching plate wall decoration products we popular, such as punching etching network products, all kinds of metal pattern for punching operation on the metal plate, spraying into various colors ornaments. Our indoor lighting, villa staircase guardrail decoration, pedal and so on are all metal punching board, more elegant, noble. Punching network products are continuously penetrating into our lives.

Perforated Metal Mesh definitions and Applications

 Perforated Metal Mesh definitions and applications:


Perforated Metal Mesh refers to the different materials have different shaped holes. In order to adapt to different needs.

Texture of material

Punching net used raw materials are: stainless steel plate, low carbon steel galvanized plate PVC plate cold-rolled coil hot plate plate etc..


Patterns of punching net, forming punching net, punching net, heavy, thin punching net, microporous punching net, wire cutting, punching net, punching net, laser.


1 thickness 0.2mm-1mm, length 20m

The 2 aperture 3mm-10mm

3 pieces of plate thickness 0.2mm-20mm; width * length ≤ 1.5m*5m

The 4 aperture 0.25mm-200mm

Punching net can be used for environmental noise control barriers across the city section of highway, railway, subway and other transportation facilities in the building wall, the object, the generator room, factories, and other noise source noise noise using sound-absorbing board, sound absorption material can be used for building the ceiling, wall, can be used for fine decoration plate building stairs, balcony, green furniture, can be used in machinery and equipment protection cover, speaker net enclosures gorgeous, food, feed, mine mill sieve, sieve screen, I-beam, kitchen equipment, stainless steel fruit blue food cover, fruit and other kitchen utensils, and shopping malls with shelf net, decoration exhibition stand, ventilation network for grain depot, football field turf seepage water filter

Why the skull repair with titanium wire mesh?

Titanium has the following several reasons: 1 titanium has a “pro” ‘of biological. In the human body, can resist the corrosive and non-toxic secretions, of any sterilization method. It is widely used for medical devices, artificial hip joint, knee joint, shoulder joint, stress, skull, active valve of the heart, skeletal fixation clamp. When the new muscle fiber ring wrapped in these “titanium bone”, they began to titanium bone maintains the normal activities of the human body. Heat resistance of 2 titanium 3 titanium is better in the body stable performance, not easy to deformation, only in the pressure big obvious place, can obviously feel discomfort. Titanium compared with other metals, has the following advantages: 1 tensile strength can reach 100 ~ 140kgf/mm2, but the density is only 60% of steel. 2 good corrosion resistance, in the atmosphere of titanium surface to form a uniform layer of dense oxide film, have the ability to resist various medium erosion. Usually titanium has good corrosion resistance in oxidizing and neutral medium, corrosion resistance in seawater, wet chlorine and chloride solution is more excellent. But in the reducing medium, such as hydrochloric acid solution, poor corrosion resistance of titanium. 3 low modulus of elasticity, small thermal conductivity, non ferromagnetic. The network without plate, strip, fast, as upstairs said, the skull is in an arc structure, network softness is relatively high, and combined with the bone between the to be intimate. Can quickly bent into suitable for the skull surface anatomy of the other, which is suitable for craniofacial plastic parts of the structure shape cut into the appropriate size, rigidity and toughness to rational balance meet the need of repair and reconstruction of craniofacial surgery

Application of stainless steel filter screen in sweet potato dietary fiber processing technology.

Sweet potato residue containing sweet potato dietary fiber components in the vast majority, dietary fiber has important physiological functions to human body, at present has become an important functional people intestinal maintenance factor. The use of biotechnology degradation and transformation of sweet potato residue, obtained dietary fiber beverage, opens up a new way for the sweet potato residue deep processing and improve the economic value of sweet potato residue.

1 raw material preparation

According to 5kg sweet potato residue add 100L water ratio, at a temperature of 115 ℃ for 15min, edible fungus DSl cooling to room temperature access 10%, rotary table 150r/min, 3 days from sweet potato residue fermentation liquid culture under 25 ℃. Accessories for salt, cane sugar, citric acid, carrageenan, ginger, onion, monosodium glutamate.

2 the main equipment

Mixer, sterilization pot, sealing machine, temperature adjustable electric furnace etc..

3 process

Carrageenan, sol, filter

The fermentation liquid, inactivated, homogenizing, filtering, preheating, mixing, filling, sterilizing, inspection and product. Treatment and accessories

4 steps

(1) inactivated the fermented liquid is placed in the 0.05MPa inactivation of 15min, the purpose is to kill living bacteria, fermentation broth slightly color, smell is strong.

(2) the homogeneous

The fermentation liquid of inactivating homogenization, homogenization can increase the material viscosity, improve the state of product. At the temperature of 50 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ were homogeneous, pressure is 15MPa ~ 20MPa, homogeneous after moderate viscosity, particle uniformity of yellowish white liquid.

(3) the 100 objective of stainless steel mesh filtering fermented liquid by filtering the homogenized solution, obtained the tiny particles, namely, as the main raw material of the final product.

(4) accessories processing ginger peeled after cleaning, slicing, the thickness is about 1mm ~ 2mm; onion wash, cut into 2mm ~ 3mm length.

(5) of carrageenan gel

Cold water will be a certain amount of carrageenan slowly spread into a certain volume, dispersing, prevent condensation. Boiled glue before soaking 20min ~ 30min, the carrageenan fully swelling, then under stirring heated to boil, and simmer 8min ~ 10min, finally remove the surface of the foam, control the amount of glue. Serve hot with disinfection of 100 mesh stainless steel screen filter, the purpose is to remove the impurities and some possible colloidal particles, finally get the white glue uniform particles.

(6) allocation according to taste the need to add salt, sugar, MSG, ginger, onions, carrageenan, be suitable for different people to drink. In order to make the product sense index reached a certain requirements, carrageenan suitable dosage of 0.12%.

(7) the preheating, filling, sterilization of the fermentation liquid is arranged in the filter temperature adjustable electric heating to boiling, stirring while adding glue dissolved and continue heating 2min ~ 3min, joined the amount of salt, in order to increase the food taste can be added a small amount of sugar. After the extinction of the heating furnace, add fresh ginger, spring onion, stir a small amount of monosodium glutamate, 2min ~ 3min, after the removal of the ginger and spring onion, serve hot filling, sealing, sterilization (80 ℃, 30min), rapid cooling, the product is made after passing inspection.

5 quality standard

(1) sensory standard product was yellow white, delicate taste, salty moderate, strong taste, uniform, no bubble, no impurities, faint scent of fermented ginger and onion flavor slightly.

(2) physical and chemical indicators

The mass fraction of soluble solids of not less than 38g/L, the value of pH was 5.5 ± 0.5, insoluble dietary fiber is not less than 16g/L, soluble dietary fiber is not less than 3g/L, the reducing sugar content of not more than 0.92g/L, the polysaccharide content of not less than 2.14g/L.

(3) the microbial indicators of total bacteria is not higher than 100cfu/mL, Escherichia coli is not higher than 30cfu/100mL, pathogenic bacteria can not be detected

Stainless steel wire mesh are applied to what the industry scope

Stainless steel wire mesh is a 304 304L 316 316L as raw material woven into a deep processing of wire mesh products by using high quality stainless steel wire SUS302. For stainless steel wire mesh weaving: plain weave, twill, method of dense weaving. Because the stainless steel material to its own characteristics, the processing of stainless steel wire with high strength, long service life, accurate, uniform mesh structure, not curly, easy to use, the screen thickness uniformity, antistatic, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, products with acid and alkali resistance, temperature resistance, wear resistance and other properties, therefore, in recent years, stainless steel wire mesh is widely used in coal mine, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing industries as the mesh.

Use stainless steel mesh can be used for flood control, transportation, water conservancy construction or safety net, network or network. Because of the use of stainless steel as the metal material, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high strength, soft, good performance. The stainless steel mesh can be divided into: stainless steel mesh, stainless steel dense net (mat shape net) ultra wide network (1.2-3.5 meters 5-8 meters) wide, large shaped net, special specifications can be added according to the needs of the user custom processing, another company also can be made of stainless steel tableware, stainless steel products such as coal washing net.

Use: stainless steel wire mesh is mainly used for acid, alkali conditions screening and filtering. Mainly used as the oil industry for net mud, chemical fiber industry as screen mesh, plating industry as pickling network to use. I plant the production of stainless steel net as the building safety net is not easy to be hard cuts, can adapt to the harsh outdoor environment, can be repeatedly used, only one input can be repeatedly used, reduces the cost. The stainless steel mesh used in engineering water conservancy, can effectively prevent the bank water scour caused the collapse, ensuring full Reservoir River safety. If it is found that the stainless steel welded wire mesh with holes, causes of surface porosity is due to stainless steel containing C, S, Si was easy to porosity. The solution or replacement of stainless steel material, or is the use of low hydrogen welding slag. Welding position is not clean can easily cause stomatal. Therefore, welding parts require cleanup before welding, rust and other dirt. Low hydrogen welding rod when using more rigorous requirements. Welding current is too large. The electrode of drug skin turned red, but also prone to stomatal. Therefore requires a suitable welding specification. The welding current maximum to electrode root without red is appropriate. Low hydrogen electrode is easy to absorb moisture, so before use should be baked at a temperature of 350 ℃ for 1 hours. Or it is easy to appear the blowhole. Welding wave joint porosity: Using low hydrogen electrodes are often prone to surface and the internal pores in the weld joint, and its solution: welding wave joint, should be in the direction of the weld from crater 9 ~ 10mm starting arc, arc burning, first as a reverse operation rod back to the crater position, fully the melting and forward, or at the weld arc can avoid this type of stomata.

The difference between the screen and Grill

The sieve is suspended solids and impurities removal of thick, in order to protect the follow-up treatment facilities to a preprocessing method for the normal operation of the. Member filter consists of parallel rods, bars, metal silk fabric, grid or perforated plate. Which is composed of parallel holding and strip called Ge Shan, a metal fabric, grid or perforated plate is called a screen. The removal of the material is called sieve. The Ge Shan removal are those may clog pump and pipeline closed door coarse suspended matter. And the screen is removed in small fiber anger floating state is difficult to remove by GE shan.

According to the different methods of cleaning, Ge Shan and screen can be design for adult workers slag and mechanical slag removing two. Artificial slag lattice is only applicable to dirt access less with little quantity or interception of occasions, when a large amount of dirt, the general should adopt mechanical slag, in order to reduce the amount of manual labor. Ge Shan is one of the most simple filtration equipment, suspended substance used to intercept sewage gross and floats. The shape and the size of Ge Shan is decided by its use.

Removal of a screen, and effects of primary sedimentation pool. At present, there are two main screen used in wastewater treatment or short fiber recycling, vibrating screen and hydraulic screen. As shown in Figure 2-4 structure of vibrating screen. The sewage from the channel flow of the vibration sieve, separation of water and suspended matter here, and the use of mechanical vibration, vibration screen will show entrapped inclined plane on the fiber and other impurities discharge to the fixed screen, further filter attached to the fiber drop.

As shown in Figure 2-5 structure hydraulic screen. Moving the screen was truncated conical, central axis in a horizontal state, the cone is inclined direction. The small end of the cone into the water, in the water flow from end to end in the flow process, fibrous contaminants being screen cut left, water from the stream of small hole screen people collecting device. Because the entire screen presents a cone, pollutants are trapped and the inclined plane of the screen into a fixed along the screen, in order to further filter the water droplets.

The screen relies on the inlet flow as rotating power, so in the water inlet end hydraulic screen generally do not set the screen, and impervious material wall, when necessary, can be arranged on the wall surface water guide vane is fixed, but should pay attention to, can not be too much exercise sieve weight. In addition to the waste water inlet pipe location and outlet diameter is also to be appropriate, to ensure that the water has a certain velocity into the water guide blade, rotary movement screen using water impact force and gravity.

Design of hydraulic screen generally inlet pipe in the water to maintain a certain pressure, the size and the size of the screen pressure and properties of wastewater. Disposal of pollutants, the screen grid method of entrapped: landfill, incineration (820 ℃) and compost. Can also be grid slag crushing and then return to the wastewater, as the settleable solids into the primary sedimentation tank. Mill is the use of high-speed rotating knife gate slag crushing. Mill has a vertical cylinder grid, mill should be set up in the sand pool, so as to avoid large inorganic particles damage the mill. In addition, in rags and fabric in crushing before

The difference between cold and hot rolling Perforated Metal Mesh

Cold rolled plate Perforated Metal Mesh and hot rolled plate punching net is made of two kinds of steel rolling technology, as the name suggests, is in cold rolling steel at normal temperature are rolled, the steel hardness. Rolling hot rolling is steel under high temperature.

1 hot rolled paper

With the continuous casting slab or slab as raw material, after reheating furnace heating, descaling entered the roughing mill high pressure water, roughing cut is expected by the head, tail, and then enter the finishing mill, the implementation of the computer controlled rolling, finally after rolling through the laminar cooling (computer controlled cooling rate) and coiler, become straight hair volume. Hair straightener roll head, tail often forms a tongue shape and fishtail, thickness, width of poor accuracy, edge has wavy, folding, tower and other defects. The volume weight heavier, steel coil diameter is 760mm. (general pipe industry like use. ) the straight through cutting head, tail cutting, trimming and multi pass straightening, formation of finishing line processing, cut into boards or heavy volume, namely: hot rolled steel plate, become flat hot rolled steel coil, slitting with other products. Hot finishing rolling by pickling descaling and greased become namely after pickling hot-rolled plate roll. The product has a tendency to partial substitution of cold rolled sheet, moderate price, by the vast numbers of users.

The 2 cold rolled plate

Hot rolled steel coil as raw material, acid pickling descaling after cold rolling, the finished rolling hard volumes, due to continuous cold deformation caused by the cold hardening the volume rolling hard strength, hardness, toughness and plastic index rise decline, so stamping performance will deteriorate, can only be used for simple deformation of parts. Rolling hard volumes can be used as a hot galvanizing plant raw material, because the hot dip galvanizing line are provided with the annealing line. Rolling hard volumes weight in general 6~13.5 tons, steel coil diameter is 610mm.

General cold rolling plate, volume shall be continuous annealing (CAPL unit) furnace annealing or elimination of cold hardening and rolling stress, mechanical performance index reach the corresponding standard.

Cold rolled plate punching net surface quality, appearance, size accuracy than the hot plate, and the thickness of the product right rolling thin to about 0.18mm, so favored by the majority of users. In cold rolled steel as substrate products deep processing, has become a high added value products. Such as galvanized, hot galvanized, fingerprint resistant electro galvanized, color coated steel coils and composite steel plate, PVC Fumo plate, so that the product has beautiful appearance, high corrosion resistance and excellent quality, has been widely applied. Cold rolled steel coil annealing must be carried out after finishing, including cutting head, tail, edge cutting, leveling, leveling, heavy volume, or longitudinal shear panels. Cold rolled plate punching net is widely used in automobile manufacturing, household appliances, instruments, building switch, office furniture and other industries.

Commonly known as the iron plate punching net material spec

Iron as the main raw materials in the production of punching net, punching net factory as production, which requires the staff shop our production, to the field investigation and understand the specification and identification of iron, specifically to a content.

A cold punching net material, non oriented silicon steel strip (sheet) representation method: DW+ punching net loss value (50HZ, frequency waveform in 1.5T unit of weight loss value of sinusoidal magnetic field peak) 100 times 100 times + thickness value. As DW470-50 said punching net material loss value is 4.7w/kg, thickness of cold rolled non oriented silicon steel punching net 0.5mm, the new model representation for 50W470.

Two, cold punching network oriented silicon steel strip (sheet) representation method: DQ+ punching net loss value (50HZ, 1.7T in frequency waveform unit weight loss value. For the sinusoidal magnetic peak) 100 times 100 times + thickness value. Sometimes punching net material loss value with G expressed high magnetic induction. As DQ133-30 said punching net loss value is 1.33, 0.3mm thickness of cold punching network oriented silicon steel strip (sheet), the new model representation for 30Q133.

Three, hot rolling punching net silicon steel hot rolled silicon steel punching net material with DR, according to the amount of silicon content is divided into low silicon steel punching net material (silicon content ≤ 2.8%), Gao Guigang (silicon content > 2.8%).

Methods: DR+ iron loss (50HZ repeated magnetization and the magnetic induction intensity varies by sine shaped maximum of 1.5T per unit weight of iron loss) 100 times 100 times + thickness value. As DR510-50 said iron loss value is 5.1, the thickness of hot rolled silicon steel punching net 0.5mm. Household appliances, hot rolled silicon sheet punching net grade JDR+ loss value + thickness values to represent, such as JDR540-50.

I return punching net factory specializing in the production of all kinds of punching net, punching net, punching plate, stainless steel plate punching net, galvanized plate punching net, punching mode using the most advanced, to punch a punching plate products demands of various