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china wire mesh

Development of silk industry An Ping memorabilia

In 1488, the first year of Akihiro Ji Huang Cheng Xiang Tang Bei Cun, Anping has silk Luo workshop production, organization of people for.

In 1504, seventeen years of Akihiro Ji, Wang Ge Zhuang, Hu Jia Lin Cun has a mane processing households, a total of nearly seventy family, account for.

In 1900, twenty-six years Guangxu, set: "the silk is a realm of Anping wins independence", "near far into the foreign business, horsetail, cattle hair from four to, and the county to the punch, merchants to silk wool so poor".Anping mane trading centers, bristle processing active.

1912 (the first year of the Republic, the Republic of China) county government set up, industrial department.

1918 (in 7 years), Xu Laoshan (fragrant pipe village) the introduction of wire mesh weaving technology from Tianjin, and incense at the village built the first copper Luo factory anping.

1925 (in 14 years), the song Laoting (Simon is village) the introduction of wire mesh weaving technology from Mukden, hired Wu Baoquan, three technicians, in Hong Village from copper tube, factory.

1933 (in 22 years), Daliang West Village, West Village is a small wire drawing machine with a total of 12 units, all for.

1939 (in 39 years), the anti-Japanese government Anping Association, the start screen management, sales agency.

1946 (in 35 years), the industry association management under the plain fabric.

1947 (in 36 years), Wang Datu (Wang Hurin people), has built a small wire drawing factory, wire drawing machine 3

1948 (in 37 years) in September, was placed under the promotion agency management fabric industry.In October the same year, and was placed under the Anping County supply and marketing cooperative management.

In 1950, Zhang Guanglin, Zhang Lianzhong (Zhang Ying Village), has initiated the formation of large cloth factory, state-run Anping Wire Factory, wire drawing machine about 45 Taiwan (sets).Chengguan, campaigner, he Zhuang, Sumi has built a cloth Luo factory.

In 1954, he was placed under the management of handicraft industry association.

1966 -- 1976, during the cultural revolution, the individual mesh processing banned.

In 1972, Luo industry under the industrial service station management, establish -- Anping County Luo Factory Anping local state-run weaving factory, factory director Wu Ronghuan.

In 1977, Anping County built he Zhuang weaving factory.

In 1979, Xu Zhang Tun Cun enterprises transformed into Anping hechun Metal factory.The northern Yellow City eleventh battalion collective enterprise restructuring to Anping Skynet sieve cloth factory, factory director Wang Wanshun, managing director of Wang Manchi.

In 1980, the Third Plenary Session of the eleven, the rapid development of individual screen enterprises, county, township, village collective enterprise development.The northern Yellow City agribusiness (North Yellow City second production team of twenty-eight households) for the conversion of the North Yellow Town of wire mesh factory, factory director Wang Jianguo, deputy director of Wang Yansheng.

In 1982, the establishment of specialized agencies, -- metal wire mesh company.

In 1983, the company changed into the metal mesh screen industry corporation.

In June 24, 1984, "the situation of production and sale of Anping wire mesh and long development of articles published in the people's daily".In September the same year history of CCTV reporter to interview; in September 28th, "Anping township of wire mesh" news, CCTV broadcast.An Ping weaving & dyeing factory expansion for the An Ping County ruiteng metal mesh factory.Built in Anping steel plate net factory, factory director Liu Jiaxiang.Angle Qiu Agricultural Machinery Corporation plant expansion for Nan Wang Zhuang Xiang Window General Factory, factory director Wang Yuliang, deputy director of Li Zhenxin.

In 1985, metal wire mesh Management Bureau set up, built A Hira meiheng metal mesh factory.Two West wa commune farm machinery plant expansion to Anping Metal wire mesh factory. www.ruitengshukong.com  

In 1986, Anping town Xuan village-run enterprises for the extension of Anping wire mesh, director Gao Yuemin.Anping County built Xuan wire drawing factory, factory director Du Zhanzong.

In 1987, Anping Wire Factory built.Anping County create Xuan weaving factory, factory director Sun Shiguang. www.mhbxgw.com

Founded in 1988, Anping County red steel plate net factory, factory director Chen Guangzhao.

In 1989, Anping wire mesh industry group corporation.Wang Ge Zhuang Cun, Xin Jianhua Li Hongbin, Chen Yunduo created the Anping Meiheng wire drawing factory

In 1996, was in Pingsi network world.

In 1999, China Hardware Association awarded Anping "Chinese silk screen of the township" title of honor.

In 2001, the first "China (Anping) International Wire Mesh fair" opened.Exposition sponsored by the people's Government of Hebei Province, China Hardware Products Association, Hengshui Municipal People's government, China Council for the promotion of international trade Hebei branch, Anping County People's government contractors.

In October 22, 2002, the second China (Anping) International Wire Mesh exposition in "Anping wire mesh world", in 260 to foreign.

In October 22, 2003, the third wire mesh Fair held as scheduled.Today, there are more than six thousand large and medium-sized city in the establishment of the national screen sales outlets, wire mesh world occupancy reached more than 980, trading volume reached 3200000000.Online transactions amounted to more than 400.

In October 24, 2004, the fourth China (Anping) International Wire Mesh Fair opened, signed 6 projects."Chinese silk screen production base", "Chinese silk screen of the township" naming.

In 2005 September 21 to 23, the Fifth China (Anping) wire mesh Fair held as scheduled, silk industry as the traditional industries of Anping, has a history of 500 years, Anping wire mesh category, large scale, high yield, ranking first in the country, is the country's largest silk production export base and the world's largest wire mesh products distribution center.Screen production throughout the 8 townships throughout the county more than 7000 enterprises, wire mesh, wire drawing capacity reached 600000 tons, 200000000 meters fabric covers the domestic export, production account for more than 8 of the.

In September 21, 2007, the seventh session of "China (Anping) International Wire Mesh fair" held as scheduled, the screen size of up to 6000, employees 120000.

In 2008, China National Hardware Association awarded the "wire mesh industry base of China" title of honor.

In September 21, 2008, the Eighth China (Anping) International Wire Mesh Fair held in Anping international wire mesh exhibition, publishing 30 investment projects, the project investment of nearly 2800000000 yuan.

Founded in 2009, "China Anping Wire Mesh Industrial Park", covering an area of 1500 mu, investment 1000000000 Yuan

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