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The introduction and application of Nickel chromium alloy wire mesh

Use of Ni-Cr alloy net now more and more widely, here to explain the usage and characteristics of Ni-Cr alloy net:

Nickel-chromium alloy wire mesh is alloy heat-resisting alloy in relatively expensive, nickel-chromium network main point is: not easy to rust, high temperature resistance, after heating and cooling is not easy to extract fault.

Although the nickel net in the first procurement costs are relatively high, but can be used repeatedly, reduce the comprehensive cost.Product Name: Ni-Cr alloy net Ni-Cr alloy filter

Material: Cr20Ni80 Cr15Ni60 Cr20Ni35

Specification: 0.1 -200 mesh

Features: excellent elongation rate, compressive strength, surface roughness, oxidation resistance, sulfur resistance, penetration resistance and other functions.Repeated bending frequency, resistance and temperature coefficient of stability, allowing high surface load, the proportion of light and the price is reasonable.Nickel-chromium alloy net production of our company is in conformity with export standards, and the quality of the products is more and more recognized by customers  www.aphcmetalmesh.com

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