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The definition of Perforated Mesh

Perforated  Mesh, as the name implies, refers to a metal plate of various shapes of groove surface.Perforated plate is composed of various material plate by CNC punch press punching, Perforated Mesh also known as punching plate and steel Perforated Mesh.

Material: stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, low carbon steel plate, aluminum magnesium alloy plate, copper plate, nickel plate.

Divided into categories: patterns of Perforated Mesh, forming Perforated Mesh, Perforated Mesh of thick, thinPerforated Mesh, microporousPerforated Mesh, wire cutting, Perforated Mesh, laser.

Pass: rectangular hole, square hole, diamond-shaped hole, round hole, hexagonal hole, cross holes, triangle hole, a long hole, a long waist hole, plum blossom hole, scale hole, hole, hole pattern of pentagram, irregular holes, the drum hole.

Perforated Mesh use: environmental noise control barriers across the city section of highway, railway, subway and other transportation facilities used in building wall, objects, generator room, factories, and other noise sources of sound insulation and noise reduction using sound-absorbing plate, can be used for acoustic material ceiling, building wall, can be used for fine decoration hole board of building stairs, balcony, environmental protection furniture, can be used in machinery and equipment protection cover, cover speaker net gorgeous, food, feed, for mine mill screen, screen, I-shaped sieve, kitchen equipment, stainless steel fruit blue food cover, fruit and other kitchen utensils, and shopping malls with shelf, exhibition table decoration, ventilation network for grain depot, football field turf seepage water filter screen etc.. www.aphcmetalmesh.com

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