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Perforated metal board
Perforated metal board means metal board having various shapes holes on its surface.It is stretching or punching from all kinds materials of metal sheet.
Material: stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, carbon steel plate, aluminum-magnesium alloy plate, copper plate, nickel plate, etc.
Weaving and characteristics: stamping, stretching; divided into: perforated metal board, expanded metal mesh, aluminum expanded metal, plate, perforated metal board, speaker mesh, etc.
Usage: widely used in chemical machinery, pharmaceutical equipment, food and beverage machines, cigarette machines, harvesters, dry-cleaning machines, ironing table, silencing equipment, refrigeration equipment (central air) speakers, crafts, paper producing, hydraulic fittings, filter clean equipment and other industries
Hole shape: rectangular hole, square hole, diamond hole, round hole, hexagonal hole, cross hole, triangle hole, long hole, long waist-hole, plum blossom hole, scale hole, five-pointed star-shaped holes, irregular holes and so on.
Features: mesh smooth, beautiful and high-temperature & corrosion-resistant, durable, with a wide range of uses.
Specifications: thickness 0.3mm-15mm, aperture 0.8mm-100mm, volume thickness 0.2mm-1.5mm, length 1m-20m, diameter 0.8mm-10mm.
1, multi-layer anti-sand filter units, better to block the formation sand and to meet the needs of underground anti-sand.
2, pore uniformity, high permeability performance.
3, big filtration area, slow flow resistance, high oil production
4, stainless steel material with excellent corrosion resistance,anti acid, alkali, salt corrosion, can be adapted to the special requirements under oil environment, the gap won''''t become larger due to corrosion.
5, multi-layer structure welded together, make filter hole stability, strong resistance to deformation. Outside protective cover can also be spiral welded. www.aphcmetalmesh.com

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