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Packing of Perforated Mesh

        Packing of Perforated Mesh problem of Perforated Mesh many customers will ask how to package, we understand, a part is afraid of cargo wrong, arrived missing parts or a small part is because of the fear of failure, Perforated Mesh is not afraid to wear, freight we here will sign a contract with them, they will come and fill, general Perforated Mesh is not required for packaging, standard size is one meter by two meters of the surface, little big point is 1.22m x 2.44m, pallet packaging is used to export, woven bag that don't work, transport operators do not let woven bags, they will have no loading and unloading of goods way, punching net also completely unnecessary packaging. If it is small we will also give a wooden box packaging.   professional Perforated Mesh factory www.aphcmetalmesh.com

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