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Screen wire mesh size

Screen wire mesh size refers to the per square centimeter (cm2) number of mesh screen. Screen specifications for expression of unit is the hole / cm or line / cm. Using imperial units of measurement of the countries and regions, with holes per inch or line / inch to express the screen mesh. Mesh can generally explain the dense degree between the wire and wire mesh. The more Kose more dense mesh, mesh smaller. Conversely, the lower the screen mesh size is sparse, the mesh is greater, such as 150 eyes / inch, namely 150 - 1 inches. The smaller the ink through the mesh, the less, the greater the ink through the mesh, the better. In the selection of the screen according to the requirements of printing precision, choose a different mesh size of the screen.

Network wire or synthetic fibers such as woven materials system, there is uniform and stable surface of the holes, fabric with the role of screening and filtration industry. On the mesh screen name used. Screen specifications are often a number of holes per unit length (mesh), is also useful to the width of each hole to represent. China National Standard said the number of holes per cm, such as 20 holes / cm. The screen is divided into raw materials used by the silk screen, metal wire mesh and synthetic fiber mesh three. www.aphcmetalmesh.com

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