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Perforated Mesh is applied to the computer chassis.

Perforated  mesh Today the hechun punching business Li with the domestic well-known computer chassis business earned success, the customer demand, dust, noise silencing products, our products can fully meet the silencing their requirements, and exceed expectations, then have a look this case specific parameters.

Cooler Master thermal technology Kyo, Wu Zun God II white version also reflects the cooling cool leading, but also one of Wu Zun God II white version of the front 140 mm white LED, X1 post 120mm fan fan; X1; the top 140mm fan (x1, support 120/140mm fan x2 120mm X2 (bottom); fan optional), combined into a complete air system, water cooling radiator in the top and bottom of the rear of the chassis can accommodate 120x240mm, reserved water hole, is considered. The front panel and the top of the design of punching net, Perforated  mesh are all the dustproof filter net, can effectively prevent the dust into the chassis, technology can make Wu God II play a cooling effect is powerful. www.aphcmetalmesh.com

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