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Stainless steel plate

Stainless steel plate has the net surface flat, smooth, beautiful, durable and so on, have a wide range of uses. Stainless steel plate (perforated stainless steel plate) for environmental noise control barriers across the city section of highway, railway, subway and other transportation facilities of sound insulation and noise reduction, sound absorption board for building wall, generator room, factories, and other noise sources.

Use: can be used for building the ceiling, wall sound-absorbing material, can be used for building stairs, balcony, desk and chair of exquisite decorative plate, machinery and equipment protection cover, speaker net enclosures gorgeous, food, feed, mine mill sieve, sieve screen, I-beam, stainless steel basket, cover food, fruit, and shopping malls the shelf network, decoration exhibition platform, granary with ventilation network, filter water filter, punching sieve net also known as mine screen, screen machine. Our factory can plate processing various materials, metal category are: iron, stainless steel plate, copper plate, aluminum plate, galvanized plate etc.. Processing has shaped hole: round hole, square hole, Naga Madokakong, triangular hole, scale hole, diamond shaped hole, six angle, cross hole. And can screen, producing all kinds of diameter of the sieve tube, according to the production and processing of user requirement. Through different aperture size and arrangement of equipment, to meet the isolation, screening, washing and filtering, drying and cooling, ventilation silencing, purification and other functions. www.aphcmetalmesh.com

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