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The scope of application of stainless steel etched mesh

The scope of application of etched stainless steel mesh Stainless steel etching screen made of high quality stainless steel plate by chemical etching and. Is one of the products of stainless steel mesh. Also do decoration network the best raw material net. Technical standards: machine for making the minimum diameter of 0.02mm, the etching area is 500mm*600mm, material thickness of 0.02mm-1.5mm. Advantages of stainless steel etching technology: 1, this technology improved the traditional method of metal processing. 2, this technique can through the data, chart. Metal product design and the complexity of the columnar to machining concave and convex. 3, etching technology can be used to make the pass and various forms of. Etching screen technology is widely used in integrated circuits, fluorescent display, precise filtration, microelectrode. Stainless steel etching screen specifications: Metal type 1, processing: all kinds of metal, alloy and stainless steel sheet, strip; 2, the plate thickness range: 2mm and the following sheet, especially 0.5mm the following sheet; Five major industry use: 1, petroleum, chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical precision filter, filter, filter cartridge, filter; 2, the electronics industry with the metal bushing, cover plate, flat pin, lead frame, metal substrate; 3, precision optical and mechanical plane parts, spring parts; 4, the friction plate and the other convex planar parts; Metal decorative plate 5, metal signs and patterns of complex and exquisite handicrafts. www.aphcmetalmesh.com

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