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Application of 304 stainless steel mesh in screen equipment

304 stainless steel mesh surface vibration frequency of 50Hz, amplitude of 0~2 mm, vibration strength for the acceleration of gravity is 8 ~ 10 times, is the general machinery stainless steel screen vibration intensity of 2 ~ 3 times. The screen surface is not easily blocked, high screening efficiency, large handling capacity. Especially suitable for fine powder material screening. The classification size 0.074 ~ 1mm.

The vibration transmission system adopts the high quality elastic material flexible link, long-term operation and reliable work, machine for energy-saving products. A single vibrator power only 0.15kW, dressing used 2420 type electromagnetic vibrating screen, the whole power consumption does not exceed 1.2kW/.

The screen surface of a flexible screen three distinct layers. The bottom of steel wire rope core polyurethane network support network, laying wire diameter and mesh are not the same double stainless steel wire woven composite network. The composite net layer network, direct contact with the material screening work, complex network of the lower bottom net, used to disperse the stress and vibration transmission, to ensure that the working network high screening efficiency and prolong the service life. Screen ends with hook, easy handling and adjust the tension of the screen. Feeding buffer plate making pulp dispersion are cloth, avoid directly.

Usage, properties of 304 stainless steel mesh is similar, but there is a difference of materials and processing technology for details. Sheng crown stainless steel mesh factory to the "customer first, refine on" service concept proposal to buy ore screening equipment to customers, consulting experts in the selection of the screen, choose the optimal mesh products. Sheng crown stainless steel factory in Hengshui is the strongest, most extensive sales network screen production enterprises. www.aphcmetalmesh.com

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