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Application of titanium wire mesh

Titanium wire  mesh

1 titanium mesh

Material: TA0, TA1, TA 2, GR1, GR2

1 Black Titanium wire Ti ≥ 99.6% (applicable to ships, sea water filtering etc.)

2 bright pure titanium wire (suitable for making electrode, battery current collector net, fine chemicals filtering)

3 titanium wire (for making medical devices)

Kong Xing: the square

Aperture: 0.02mm-50mm

Mesh size: 0.3 -400 mesh

Width: 5mm - 2000mm

The performance of titanium mesh: with acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance.

Titanium mesh use: titanium has light weight, high strength, low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, not easy to be oxidized and excellent quality.

Titanium has strategic metal, in twenty-first Century the most valuable metals such as reputation. Widely used in aerospace, shipbuilding

Military chemical machinery power desalination, medical equipment and other fields have important status and role in the development of national economy

Use. Can also be used for high temperature furnace, mining, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

2 titanium plate network

Titanium mesh, titanium anode, titanium mesh anodes

Material: TA1, TA2 ≥ 99.6% titanium content

Thickness: 0.1mm-1.2mm

Kong Xing: diamond shaped hole

Aperture: 1mm*2mm, 2mm*4mm, 3.5mm*6mm, 4mm*8mm, 5mm*10mm, 10mm*20mm

Surface coating: ruthenium oxide, platinum coating.

Features: after the production machining titanium mesh, hole shape of diamond hole, big hole rate, large surface area, high strength, because the titanium mesh itself, acid and alkaline resistance and conductivity is often used to create the battery current collector net, titanium anode for oxygen cathode ionic membrane electrolyzer, filtering of titanium mesh, electroplating anode network etc..

3 titanium mesh filter

Material: TA1, TA2

Process: pure titanium wire melting welding filter cartridge

Pass: rectangular, square

Filtration precision: ≥ 0.2mm

The filter cartridge diameter: 100mm-3000mm

Application: titanium mesh and strong corrosion resistance to sea water, making water filtering barrel design life of 60 years. Chemical liquid filter sheet titanium net manufacturing can endure high temperature and humidity, strong corrosion test, Ti mesh can manufacture the demister, demister, titanium mesh packing, mesh sheet, manufacturing titanium filter cartridge, filter through a combination of welding. www.aphcmetalmesh.com

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