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Method for increasing Perforated Mesh use period

Perforated Mesh provides much convenience to us, how to want to use the perforated mesh long, we must find ways to extend the period of use of perforated mesh. We summarized some methods to extend the period of use of the perforated mesh here, and we hope to share, these methods can effectively extend the perforated mesh use restrictions.

We can use the alloy perforated mesh, perforated mesh work by changing the material to extend the period of use, this is the best way. Change the perforated mesh easy corrosion results, the use of some alloy material to produce the perforated mesh. Another method is also good, that is on the surface of stainless steel punching net, smear vaseline.

So to the stainless steel punching net form a good protective layer, stainless steel Perforated Mesh protection against erosion. If the steel perforated mesh, can use some chemical method, makes the surface of perforated mesh to form a layer of stable film, making the surface mesh is not damaged, this can be a very good extension Perforated Mesh use period. www.aphcmetalmesh.com

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